Silverlight Streaming now supports Silverlight 2 Beta 2

Beta2 streamingI’ve become a huge fan of Silverlight Streaming section. It’s simple to create a XAP file and have your Silverlight application running in seconds. There is also now an REST API file ready to upload and manage Silverlight apps and other database files .The have also added support for accessing WMV video files via a links, so you could use it as a general purpose video server.

However with all of the great things they have been adding to Silverlight Streaming, they took a little while to get it running with Silverlight 2 Beta 2. They have now released that support, so you can start using Silverlight Streaming to host your Beta 2 apps. I highly encourage you to check it out.

One other good thing about Beta 2 version now being supported on Silverlight Streaming is that the games for the DevX RIA Run games contest are now also updated to Beta 2, you can play my entry, Stack Attack, here: