Are you the type of player who always wonders how the things you do on the screen happen? You are not the first one, and you certainly won’t be the last. If you reached Silverlightrocks is because you are one of the few people who are genuinely interested in gamers beyond the basic offerings of any developer. In the world of videogames, the interaction between companies and users is very clear and cut: they make a video game console or a potent computer, and you are expected to buy it and get the best joy you can get out of it. At Silverlightrocks we take a look at what lies beyond the basic offering that is accepted for most of the world. We buy games, but we also crack them down to their bare bones to learn how they function.

You as a user are probably tempted with this sort of tampering, especially when you see a great mod in a YouTube video, and you wonder how they got it done. With Silverlightrocks you will be able to learn everything you need to crack down the framework of any videogame or any piece of software using basic tools and pieces of code. You better get ready, because we are about to open a door for you with a lot of new information regarding the best things you can with the video games you have as well as the reach you can have with your smart devices and the things you can try with them. We hope you find our information useful, so make sure to include us in your bookmarks!