Emulator for running PS3 games on Android phones

PS3 emulator AndroidLast week our team joined with one similar group of developers into creating an emulator application which will be able to run PS3 games on Android operating systems.

Since Android evolved a lot in last couple of years and smartphones became powerful portable computers with strong specifications, emulating a 10 year old SONY’s console is achieving job these days.
And because we like challenges like this one to test our coding skills, we’re excited to be a part of project like this.

PS3Mobi’s Apk is planning to support all of PlayStation 3 games to run. This seem to be realistic work to succeed as PS3 console is like 10 year old and judging by today’s technology standards even mobile phones we use nowadays have system requirements almost like the PS3.

At this time PS3Mobi supports about 65% of PS3 games. You can follow its progress on its Facebook page. There is link to download the app as well added there.

Until the software is 100% finished, this post will be considered as “in progress”. When the full version of the emulator get released, we’ll add download link here as well.

See you soon!